Dogs Can Have Allergies Too

Spring is here! It’s time welcome longer days, warmer weather and the beauty of nature in the Carolinas. This change of season can also [...]

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Pet Training Pitfalls

Typical behavioral issues with puppies and dogs, such as barking, chewing, urination, and disobedience account for a significant percentage of veterinary visits. Frequently pet owners [...]

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New Year’s Resolutions

The new year is upon us, and as we make our resolutions and goals for life-style changes, it is important to include our furry friends [...]

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Grooming Tips For Your Pet

As a veterinarian and the proud owner of Bianca, an adorable Cavalier King Charles spaniel, I am often asked about pet grooming. Even clients who [...]

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Tips For Finding A Lost Pet

Having a lost pet can be one of the most heart-wrenching moments of a pet owner’s life. It can also be overwhelming figuring out how [...]

Protecting Those Who Protect Us

LakeCross Veterinary Donated Body Armor Vests To The Huntersville Police K9 Unit LakeCross Veterinary is proud to have a special relationship with the K9 unit [...]

Heartworm Myths And Facts

Heartworm disease is a potentially deadly disease in both cats and dogs. Unfortunately, there are many myths that make pet owners believe their animals do [...]

Be Prepared For Pet Emergencies

One of the most frightening experiences of being a pet owner is having a medical emergency involving your four-legged family member. Emergencies can range from [...]

Diabetes In Dogs And Cats

What is diabetes? A condition when the dog's or cat’s body does not produce enough insulin or the insulin produced isn’t enough to regulate blood [...]

Holiday Pet Hazard Checklist

Pets will investigate new items by sniffing, tossing, chasing and finally by having a taste. Holiday season adornments are attractive to all creatures. The ornaments, [...]

Dogs Can Have Allergies Too

While springtime was beautiful, the cool, wet weather during that season led to misery for many human and animal allergy sufferers. Yes, dogs can have [...]

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