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Eastern Medicine

The availability and popularity of Chinese herbal medicine has dramatically increased in the United States over the past few years. Herbal medicine used as a complement to Western medicine, acupuncture and rehabilitation has shown great results.

Common uses for Eastern Medicine include:

  • Alternative to traditional medications that have serious side effects
  • Behavior modification to help pets overcome separation anxiety, storm phobias, or mild aggression.
  • Palliative treatment for terminal patients to help with appetite stimulation, pain relief and general well-being.

The herbal medications we use and recommend are very reliable. Their efficacy is recognized by veterinarians and is produced in FDA-approved facilities, using FDA-approved procedures.

At Lakecross Veterinary, Dr. Kay Wahl offers Eastern Medicine and acupuncture. She has undergone intensive training and certification through both the Chi Institute and Jing Tang Herbals.

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