Diagnotics and Digital Imaging

Our on-site diagnostic services make it easier to determine what’s wrong with your pet so he or she can get the care they need as quickly as possible.

On-Site Imaging

LakeCross Veterinary uses IDEXX technology to seamlessly integrate laboratory and radiology testing to create comprehensive and complete patient records. This includes IDEXX digital ragiology (DR), which allows our technicians to achieve superior-quality films quickly and minimizes the need for retakes.


Using our integrated system, we can consult with radiologists, cardiologists and other veterinary specialists regarding a patient’s condition and have results in as little as one hour.

Complete Laboratory Services

We can perform wellness screenings as well as diagnostic tests and obtain rapid results using a combination of on-site and outside laboratory services. This gives us a comprehensive view of the patient’s health and allows our doctors to develop a more tailored treatment plan.